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Project Description

A CRM/Project Management Site Template for SharePoint 2010 Enterprise or Office 365 E tenants.

This is far from a site template with a bunch of lists cobbled together, instead it offers the following features:

  • User Friendly - Due to a custom User Interface & Pre-Populated InfoPath forms where possible
  • Contacts Management
  • Project Management - Associated sub tasks, documents & sales
  • Products & Services Catalog 
  • Sales Register & Invoice Generation
  • Client Enquiry - Showing any items related to a client
  • Reporting
  • Integrated User Guide



The site can be installed to both SharePoint Enterprise on premise servers and Office 365 E tenants through the solutions gallery within minutes.

Installation Guide


Being SharePoint all aspects of SharePoint CRM can be customised to meet your organisations needs:

For further details see the Customisations section within the installation guide


Idea's on how the site can be improved are most welcome, feedback can be left either within this project or by using the feedback form.

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