Customising Contacts

Both the Companies & People lists were created from standard Contacts lists so both can be easily edited and connected to Outlook.


Using Site Actions -> View All Site Content you will be able to directly access the Companies list, from there you can add/remove columns as you usually would within SharePoint.

To edit the associated form you will need to use InfoPath 2010

The People list can be edited in the same way as Companies. Please do not edit or remove the Client lookup column as this is required by SharePoint CRM.


Both the Companies and People screens are standard SharePoint pages so can be edited either using a web browser or SharePoint Designer.


The Companies web part is an XSLT list view web part, so the columns shown can be modified easily through a web browser:
  1. First put the page into edit mode, then locate the Companies web part and choose Edit Web Part
  2. Using the Edit the current view you can then modify the column shown and their order just as you would for a lists view.

Other web parts on the page can only be edited using SharePoint Designer


The People web part is an XSLT list view web part so can also easily be edited using the same steps as provided above.

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