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CRM V1.2.0.0 Issues


Wow, thanks this is a serious upgrade! Here are some initial issues I have found:
  1. 40 Character company name limitation was introduced in this latest build, need more characters
  2. When looking at contacts it is distracting that "Contact Type" appears between first and last name in the view. Please move "Contact Type" after last name in view
  3. When viewing companies, the contacts appear below the company grid. Not a big deal really
  4. When you assign a task there is a rendering problem in the textbox for username, it clears up later on not sure what this is from. See image.
Thanks for adding multiple project contacts - it looks great!!!

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WebGuy7 wrote Oct 10, 2012 at 6:10 PM

I also wanted to mention there are some disconcerting refresh issues I don't know if they can be addressed or not.
  1. When you create a project and then a task straight away, the company name doesn't appear in the task pick list initially unless the page is refreshed.
  2. Likewise if you create a task it doesn't appear on the project page until the page is refreshed. It has confused our user a bit.

SPCloudGuy wrote Oct 10, 2012 at 6:54 PM

Pleased to hear you like it!
  1. I put the character limit in place as long names were messing up the client enquiry screen, I'm yet to figure out how to text wrap a single word in the XSLT List view web part. How many characters do you need ? I'll see what I can figure out.
  2. Totally missed that. I've fixed it in my dev environment, but its dead easy for you to make changes. Its just an XSLT list view webpart, so if you edit the web part, you'll be able to re-order columns through the 'Edit the current view' link
  3. I'm not getting this happen but know the cause, so leave this with me.
  4. I have to admit I've seen this one, and have tried to fix it. Typical that its wrapping text here yet I can't do it for company names yet.
For your second post:

1a I'm unable to re-create this with either on premise or office 365, also with a single company or multiple. I'm wondering what the difference is... Can you please tell me which browswer your using ?
  1. The minimum refresh time I can set on that web part is 15 seconds, but worse still I see I've left it at 60 seconds, so will update that. However your users can refresh just that web part by clicking the refresh icon located to its top right - Hopefully that helps for now.

WebGuy7 wrote Oct 10, 2012 at 7:21 PM

Thanks for the quick reply, I will edit the webpart in SPD as you suggest to correct the view. If we could get 60 characters fr title I think that woul dbe sufficient. We are all using IE9 here for company Intranet.

Also thanks for info on refresh - not a big deal they will need to get used to it. I still need to figure out the Excel stuff I haven't gotten that working yet. It would be nice if we could have a workflow that would cascade delete the related list items for housekeeping.

Thanks again for the updates!!

Do you know will this template work in SP2013? Is that same as Office 365 verion

SPCloudGuy wrote Oct 10, 2012 at 7:51 PM

You can make the edit to the web part view through the browser if you haven't already.

Ok I'll work on 60 Characters and see what I can come up with.

Hmm I'm using IE9 here too, I'll do some more testing to try and create the problem - I can't see there's much we're doing differently though (click submit and get taken to the project configuration page).

Thats a good idea with the cascading delete, and better still its a standard feature on the lookup column. I set it to restrict delete for the fear of people losing sales but I'll document how to change it through the browser.

Yep I've tested it in 2013 and it works fine, I've actually released an Alpha version on here from when I had the same question - It does need a little more work to the masterpage to match the look of the metro interface but thats easy enough. Also just for your knowledge banks, Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud based SharePoint, currently 2010, but will be updated to 2013 at some point.

No probs with the quick reply, I'm finding your feedback very useful :-)

SPCloudGuy wrote Oct 15, 2012 at 10:31 AM

The latest release I've just added addresses the following issues:
  1. You can now have long company names again - Within the form the full name will be shown, but on the companies & client enquiry screens names above 35 characters will be abbreviated. Also contacts should always be shown to the right of companies rather than sometimes below.
  2. Rendering issue with names in forms shouldn't happen anymore
  3. Rather than restricting deletion of parent items when a child exists, the child will be deleted (except for sales). I will document this properly as its easy to change settings through browser.
I still can't re-create the issue where the company doesn't appear within the task form on a newly created project. When this happens, could you please copy and paste the link that the 'New Task' button points to for me - For your security you can remove your sites url (I'm mostly interested in the information after the ?)