Installing the site is a doddle, simply upload the latest WSP to your site collection's, activate, then create a new site from the site template CRM_Release1

Please Note - When creating a site on Office 365, you will most likely be greeted with the message "An error has occurred while processing your request" Don't panic, instead just wait a few more minutes and your site will appear.  For the impatient, You can check progress, by going to the view all site content link within the new site (\layouts\viewlsts.aspx)

Post Installation Steps

There are a few minor tweaks you may wish to make once the site has been installed:

Site Description

Probably a no brainer, but I reccomend you remove my name from the site description - I just wanted it present within the Site Template selection screen.

Date Filters

Unfortunately the date filters loose their web part connections when a new site is created.  They can be fixed very easily through the browser though.

Simply put both the Project Management & Sales screens into edit mode within your browser, then re-connect them.

Excel Reports

The data connections within the Excel reports are hardcoded so will be attempting to talk to my server.  These are also easy to update:

  • Using the View all Site Content link, open the sales list
  • Use the Export to Excel feature
  • From the Data menu within Excel, copy the connection details (Command Text)
  • Within the CRM view the sales report page and choose Open in Excel
  • Paste in the new connection details

Carry out the process above for the Tasks & Projects reports.

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